HDL – Loading Classroom Resources in Bulk

HCM Data Loader object ClassroomResource can be used to bulk upload classroom resources in Oracle Learning Cloud. Existing locations created as part of Global HR can also be designated as classroom resources.

Below is a sample file to upload classroom resources using HDL:

MERGE|ClassroomResource|CLASS1001|Room 1|Room 1|10|COMMON|JPLoc004 Kyushu|HRC_SQLLOADER|1001|101
MERGE|ClassroomResource|CLASS1002|Room 2|Room 2|15|COMMON|JPLoc004 Kyushu|HRC_SQLLOADER|1002|101
MERGE|ClassroomResource|CLASS1003|Room 3|Room 3|20|COMMON|JPLoc004 Kyushu|HRC_SQLLOADER|1003|101

Once the data is loaded successfully, you can verify the results from UI:

Navigation :- My Client Groups -> Learning -> Catalog Resources -> Classrooms