HDL – Load Goal Library Data

Goal Library is loaded as Content items using ContentItem.dat. The various attributes and their mapping can be found using GoalLibraryAttributes.xlsx which can be found on metalink using below note id:

Query To Get Goal Library Goals (Doc ID 2228128.1)

How to Load Library Goals (Doc ID 2201757.1)

Please note that ItemText2 (Priority Code) and ItemText12 (External ID) is a required attribute. Although these are not marked as mandatory and HDL load will complete successfully with a NULL value for these, however, the loaded Goals will not be visible in UI.

ItemText12 – Can be any random numeric value.

Sample HDL File:

MERGE|ContentItem||124||Test Goal Libarary 123|Goal Loaded into libarary using content item HDL|Schedule regular headcount and budget review meetings. Facilitate regular reporting distributions to senior management on a biweekly basis|2000/01/01||A|HIGH||||STRETCH||QUANTITATIVE||20|MAX|PERCENT||PERFORMANCE|ALL|1000090000|VIS09090909|VIS