BIP – Query to extract child positions for a logged in person’s position

Fusion HCM provides you the capability of using Position Trees as well as Position Hierarchies. In case you need to extract child position details based on position id of logged in person, you can make use of below query:

SELECT pphf.position_id
  FROM per_position_hierarchy_f pphf
 WHERE 1=1
  START WITH pphf.parent_position_id = NVL((select position_id from per_all_assignments_m paam
                                         where paam.assignment_type = 'E'
					   and paam.person_id = hrc_session_util.get_user_personid
					   and trunc(sysdate) between paam.effective_start_date and paam.effective_end_date
					   and paam.effective_latest_change = 'Y'
					   and paam.effective_sequence = 1),300000141634831)
CONNECT BY PRIOR pphf.parent_position_id = 	pphf.position_id