HCM Extracts – Inbound HCM Extract “Assertion Failure” Error

HCM Extracts with inbound delivery are one of the most powerful technical features of the Fusion HCM cloud. HCM Extracts with inbound delivery enables the technical consultants to do customizations and automations by making use of tools like BIP, HCM Extracts and HCM Data Loader.

You can follow the below post for more details on the topic:

One has to take care a number of things when designing the Inbound HCM Extracts or the Loopback extract, otherwise you may get variety of errors.

One of the most commonly encountered error is:

An assertion failure was detected at location BatchProcArchivePA.getRepMapId:2. error while running

There can be multiple reasons to this error. To resolve this, please check below:

  1. Are you using a BIP report to generate the output? If yes, can you please check if permissions are assigned to the report and data model (to FUSION%APPS%HCM%ESS%APPID)?
  2. Please download the sample output from data model and check if you can generate a sample output using BI Publisher plugin.
  3. Check if report path is correct if you are using.
  4. Also, please check if you are able to deliver the output to UCM.
  5. Check if the extract parameters are correct and the related value sets/ fast formula are present in the environment.