Configuration – Update Legal Entity Name

There are requirements when the existing legal entity name should be updated to a new name. One should note that the LE name in UI is displayed for a view – HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS_F_VL.

Sometimes, even after updating the name in UI, correct name is not reflected on some pages like Manage Employment or Manage Legal Entity Information for HCM.

In such cases, one should verify the value in HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS_F_VL view to make sure the updated value is showing here.

If updated value is not available in this view, please follow below steps:

  1. Search for legal entity from ‘Manage Legal Entity for HCM Information’ under My Client Groups -> Workforce Structures
  2. Open the legal entity -> Click on action and choose correct
  3. Submit the changes without doing any change.

This should force the name update to happen in HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS_F_VL view.