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Configuration – Enable Location Based Access

By default Location Based Access is disabled. Navigate to Tools -> Administration and you will not find Location Based Access Tab:

To enable the location based access tab, set the profile option ‘ASE_ADMINISTER_LOCATION_BASED_ACCESS_CONTROL’ to Yes:

Once this is set, Location Based Access tab will start appearing in the Tools -> Administration:

Click Enable Location Based access checkbox to enable the Location Based access:

Make sure atleast one valid IP address is entered otherwise the application will become inaccessible.

Also, please make sure that you make IT Security Manager Role Public.

Configuration – How to make a role public? (LBAC)

By default you can enter only 10000 characters. If you want to extend this limit, please set the following profile option to Yes at site level:


Configuration – How to make a role public? (LBAC)

While implementing Location Based Access control for your application, make sure you set the IT Security Manager role as public. This will help you to access the application and the tasks in an event where a wrong list of IP’s has been supplied and no user is able to access the application.

Follow the below steps to make a role public:

  1. Enable to location based access from Tools -> Administration and check the ‘Enable Location Based Access’ checkbox under Location Based Access tab.
2. After that, from the Tools -> Roles -> Search for IT Security Manager role and click on Edit Role:
And check the ‘Enable Role for Access from All IP Addresses’ checkbox:
Keep clicking on next button and submit the changes.