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BIP – How to check Termination version on your environment?

You can use per_empl_configurations table to verify the versions of Seniority dates/ Termination dates.

Below is an example to check the version for Termination dates:

select version_code 
  from fusion.per_empl_configurations 
 where configuration_type = 'ORA_TERMINATION'

If the version code value is NULL that means you are still on version V2.

Same table can be used to query Seniority Dates version.

Reports (BIP) – Query to extract seniority dates setup
select hr_general.decode_lookup('ORA_PER_SENIORITY_ITEMS',psds.seniority_date_code) seniority_date_code_meaning
,hr_general.decode_lookup('ORA_PER_SENIORITY_LEVELS',psds.level_code) level_code_meaning
,hr_general.decode_lookup('ORA_PER_TRIG_FIELDS',psds.triggering_field) triggering_field_meaning
from per_seniority_dates_setup psds