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BIP – Query to find size of documents attached in DOR

Oracle HCM provides a functionality to store different kinds of worker documents in Document Records. Over a period of time, a large number of documents get accumulated for different workers. In such cases, there are requirements to know size of attachments in DORs. For, this I have developed a simple query which can be modified as needed:

select fdv.file_name
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024,2) 			as "Size in KB"
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024/1024,2) 		as "Size in MB"
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024/1024/1024,2) as "Size in GB"
 from hr_documents_of_record hdr, 
      fnd_attached_documents fad, 
      fnd_documents_vl fdv,
      fusion_ocserver11g.revisions wcc_revisions,  
      fusion_ocserver11g.documents wcc_documents
where to_char(hdr.documents_of_record_id) = fad.pk1_value(+)
  and fad.entity_name(+) = 'HR_DOCUMENTS_OF_RECORD'
  and fad.document_id = fdv.document_id(+)
  and fdv.dm_version_number = wcc_revisions.did
  and wcc_revisions.did = wcc_documents.did
  and wcc_documents.disprimary = 1
group by fdv.file_name
order by 1 
HDL – Sample HDL file to upload DoR for a specific country

MERGE|DocumentsOfRecord|78652|United Kingdom|UK Vehicle Information|OVERTIME_AVERAGING_AGREEMENT_2020-10-01|2020/10/01|2022/10/01


MERGE|DocumentAttachment|78652|United Kingdom|UK Vehicle Information|OVERTIME_AVERAGING_AGREEMENT_2020-10-01|FILE|DD test document of record for HDL.pdf|DD test document of record for HDL.pdf|DD test document of record for HDL.pdf

Please note that under attribute country, you will need to pass the full country name. Passing country code like GB, will throw below error:

The values GB aren’t valid for the attribute LegislationCode.

HDL – Loading Multiple attachments for same document type

There are various cases where more than one attachment should be maintained against employee document record. First of all, we will create a new document type where multiple attachments will be allowed.

  1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance -> Document Types -> Click on Create

2. Choose multiple occurrences as Yes:

3. Enter the relevant information and submit the record.

4. Prepare the HDL in below format and load the data:

MERGE|DocumentsOfRecord|101|2021/01/01||Test Multi Attachments Doc|Multiple Attachments||TMAD_001||||||||||HRC_SQLLOADER_101_TMAD_001|HRC_SQLLOADER

MERGE|DocumentAttachment|HRC_SQLLOADER|HRC_SQLLOADER_101_TMAD_001_1|101|Test Multi Attachments Doc|TMAD_001|Test Multi Attachments Doc|Test Multi Attachments Doc 1|FILE|||Historical_rating.docx|Historical_rating.docx|||Historical_rating.docx|
MERGE|DocumentAttachment|HRC_SQLLOADER|HRC_SQLLOADER_101_TMAD_001_2|101|Test Multi Attachments Doc|TMAD_001|Test Multi Attachments Doc|Test Multi Attachments Doc 2|FILE|||Historical_rating1.docx|Historical_rating1.docx|||Historical_rating1.docx|

5. Place the docx files in BlobFiles folder and zip with the .dat file:

6. Import and Load the file.

7. Once the data is loaded, verify from the UI:

Security – Role to view document of record attachments on UCM

Document of record attachments uploaded by workers in the Fusion HCM resides on UCM server. If there is a requirement to download or view the uploaded attachment on UCM, none of the standard roles like HR Analyst, HR Specialist have the privilege to view the DOR attachments on UCM. To achieve this, a custom role should be created. Please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Create a new abstract role ‘XXX Read Attachments’ and add ‘AttachmentsRead’ standard role to it.

2. Once the role is ready, assign it to the required User and run ‘Import User and Role Application Security Data’ process.

3. On successful completion of the process, the user will be able to search any of the document of record attachment using content ID in UCM server and will be able to download the same.