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BIP – Extract action type and action information from Work relationship
SELECT papf.person_number
      ,part.action_reason termination_reason 
  FROM per_all_people_f papf
      ,per_person_names_f ppnf
      ,per_periods_of_service ppos
      ,per_actions_vl pav
      ,per_action_reasons_tl part
      ,per_action_occurrences pao
 WHERE papf.person_id =ppnf.person_id 
   AND papf.person_id =ppos.person_id  
   AND UPPER(ppnf.name_type)='GLOBAL' 
  --AND TO_CHAR(ppos.actual_termination_date,'dd-mm-yyyy')<TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'dd-mm-yyyy') 
   AND ppos.action_occurrence_id = pao.action_occurrence_id 
   AND pao.action_reason_id = part.action_reason_id (+)
   AND part.language (+) = USERENV('LANG')
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN TRUNC(papf.effective_start_date) AND TRUNC(papf.effective_end_date)
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN TRUNC(ppnf.effective_start_date) AND TRUNC(ppnf.effective_end_date)
   AND papf.person_number = '123351'
   AND pao.action_id = pav.action_id
order by papf.person_number
BIP – Query to find attachment details for related materials

Learning admin can attachments on offering level for different roles – Admin/ Employee etc.

In case, you need to extract the attachment details for an offering, below BIP can be used:

SELECT wlf_learning_items_f.learning_item_id
  FROM fnd_attached_documents fad 
      ,fnd_documents_tl fdt 
	  ,wlf_learning_items_f wlf_learning_items_f
	  ,wlf_li_relations_f wlf_li_relations_f
 WHERE fad.document_id = fdt.document_id 
   AND fdt.language = 'US'
   AND fad.entity_name = 'WLF_LI_RELATIONS_F'
   AND fad.pk1_value = wlf_li_relations_f.relation_id
   AND wlf_learning_items_f.learning_item_id = wlf_li_relations_f.source_id
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN wlf_learning_items_f.effective_start_date AND wlf_learning_items_f.effective_end_date 
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN wlf_li_relations_f.effective_start_date AND wlf_li_relations_f.effective_end_date 
 ORDER BY fad.creation_date DESC


BIP – Query to find size of documents attached in DOR

Oracle HCM provides a functionality to store different kinds of worker documents in Document Records. Over a period of time, a large number of documents get accumulated for different workers. In such cases, there are requirements to know size of attachments in DORs. For, this I have developed a simple query which can be modified as needed:

select fdv.file_name
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024,2) 			as "Size in KB"
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024/1024,2) 		as "Size in MB"
      ,TRUNC(SUM(wcc_documents.dFileSize)/1024/1024/1024,2) as "Size in GB"
 from hr_documents_of_record hdr, 
      fnd_attached_documents fad, 
      fnd_documents_vl fdv,
      fusion_ocserver11g.revisions wcc_revisions,  
      fusion_ocserver11g.documents wcc_documents
where to_char(hdr.documents_of_record_id) = fad.pk1_value(+)
  and fad.entity_name(+) = 'HR_DOCUMENTS_OF_RECORD'
  and fad.document_id = fdv.document_id(+)
  and fdv.dm_version_number = wcc_revisions.did
  and wcc_revisions.did = wcc_documents.did
  and wcc_documents.disprimary = 1
group by fdv.file_name
order by 1 
BIP – Queries to find count of workers in HCM

Below sample queries can be used to extract count of workers (Active/ Inactive) in HCM:

Query 1:

select count(distinct person_number) 
  from per_all_people_f papf
  where 1=1
    and exists (select 1 from per_periods_of_service ppos where ppos.person_id = papf.person_id)

Query 2: Find count workers not having basic assignment details:

select (distinct person_number) 
  from per_all_people_f papf
  where 1=1
    and exists (select 1 from per_periods_of_service ppos where ppos.person_id = papf.person_id)
    and person_number not in (SELECT papf.person_number 
                                FROM per_all_people_f papf,
                                     per_person_names_f ppnf,
                                     per_all_assignments_m paam,
                                     per_jobs_f_tl pjft,
                                     hr_organization_units_f_tl hauft,
  	                                 per_periods_of_service ppos
                               WHERE paam.person_id = ppnf.person_id
                                 AND papf.person_id = ppnf.person_id
                                 AND papf.person_id = paam.person_id
                                 AND paam.job_id = pjft.job_id (+)
                                AND pjft.language(+) = 'US'
                                 AND hauft.language (+) = 'US'
-                              -and papf.person_number = '414'
                                 AND hauft.organization_id (+) = paam.organization_id
                                 AND trunc(sysdate) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date AND papf.effective_end_date
                                 AND trunc(sysdate) BETWEEN paam.effective_start_date AND paam.effective_end_date
                                 AND trunc(sysdate) BETWEEN ppnf.effective_start_date AND ppnf.effective_end_date
                                 AND trunc(sysdate) BETWEEN hauft.effective_start_date(+) AND hauft.effective_end_date(+)
                                 AND trunc(sysdate) BETWEEN pjft.effective_start_date(+) AND pjft.effective_end_date(+)
                                 AND paam.effective_latest_change = 'Y'
                                 AND paam.primary_flag = 'Y'
                                 AND ppnf.name_type = 'GLOBAL'
                                 AND paam.period_of_service_id = ppos.period_of_service_id
                                 AND ppos.date_start = (select max(ppos2.date_start) from per_periods_of_service ppos2
                                                         where ppos2.person_id = ppos.person_id
                                                             and ppos2.primary_flag = 'Y')
BIP – Query to find list of same person having same position multiple times

On the responsive Position UI, the position screens shows the Pending Worker and Worker record as an incumbent and the FTE goes in negative.

Below SQL can be used to identify such persons:

SELECT paam.person_id,
  FROM per_all_assignments_m paam
      ,hr_all_positions_f_vl hapfv
 WHERE paam.position_id = hapfv.position_id
   AND paam.assignment_type NOT LIKE '%T'
   AND paam.assignment_status_type NOT LIKE 'INACTIVE'
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN hapfv.effective_start_date AND hapfv.effective_end_date
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN paam.effective_start_date AND paam.effective_end_date
  GROUP BY paam.person_id,
BIP – Extract Document Record File Link from Content Server

Below query can be used to extract the document record from content server.

SELECT papf.person_number		"Person Number",
       ppnf.first_name			"First Name",
       ppnf.last_name			"Last Name",
       fdt.file_name 			"Attached File Name",
       fdt.dm_version_number 	"Document Id",
       fdt.dm_document_id 		"UCM Content Id",
       (SELECT 'https://'||external_virtual_host
          FROM fusion.ask_deployed_domains
         WHERE deployed_domain_name = 'FADomain')
	   || chr(38) 
	   || 'dID='
       || fdt.dm_version_number
       || '&dDocName='
       || fdt.dm_document_id
       || '&allowInterrupt=1' 	"UCM File Link"  
  FROM per_all_people_f papf,
       per_person_names_f ppnf,
       hr_documents_of_record hdor,
       fnd_attached_documents fad,
       fnd_documents_tl fdt
 WHERE 1=1
   AND hdor.person_id = papf.person_id
   AND papf.person_id = ppnf.person_id
   AND hdor.documents_of_record_id = fad.pk1_value
   AND fad.document_id = fdt.document_id
   AND fdt.language = 'US'
   AND fad.entity_name = 'HR_DOCUMENTS_OF_RECORD'
   AND ppnf.name_type = 'GLOBAL'
   AND trunc(sysdate) between papf.effective_start_date and papf.effective_end_date
   AND trunc(sysdate) between ppnf.effective_start_date and ppnf.effective_end_date
BIP – Suppress special characters

Oracle HCM allows special characters to be used in fields like Person Names/ Department Names/ Jobs etc. But in reporting, there may be a requirement to change the special characters (like ý, ě, ž, ů etc) to normal English characters.

CONVERT function can be used for such requirements.

select CONVERT('Politických vězňů ižní Předměstí Plzeň', 'US7ASCII') normal_english from dual


HDL – Sample HDL file to create Role Provisioning Rules
MERGE|RoleMapping||Test HDL|1951/01/01|4712/12/31|Test Legal Employer|Employee|Employee|E|ACTIVE|RoleMapping_123|HRC_SQLLOADER

MERGE|Role||RoleMapping_123|Test HDL||N|N|Y|TEST_EMP_DATA|Role_123|HRC_SQLLOADER

The rules can be verified from UI, once the HDL load is successful:

BIP – Query to find Primary flags for a Worker

There are multiple primary flags for a worker in assignment table. Namely – Primary Assignment Flag, Primary Work Terms flag and Primary flag.

Below query can be used to check these flags:

--> Primary Flags Query
SELECT papf.person_number
      ,to_char(ppos.date_start,'RRRR/MM/DD') start_date
      ,to_char(paam.effective_start_date,'RRRR/MM/DD') asg_eff_start_date
      ,to_char(paam.effective_end_date,'RRRR/MM/DD') asg_eff_end_date
	  ,ppos.primary_flag "WR Table Primary Flag"
      ,PER_PERSON_NAMES_F ppnf
WHERE papf.person_id = ppnf.person_id
  AND ppnf.name_type = 'GLOBAL'
  AND papf.person_id = paam.person_id
  AND paam.period_of_service_id = ppos.period_of_service_id
  AND paam.assignment_status_type_id = pastt.assignment_status_type_id
  AND paam.effective_sequence = 1
  AND paam.assignment_type NOT LIKE '%T'
  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date AND papf.effective_end_date 
  AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN ppnf.effective_start_date AND ppnf.effective_end_date 
  AND pastt.language = 'US'
  AND papf.person_number IN ('500035','500036')
ORDER BY 1, 6 
BIP – Check bypass Approval Rules status

While performing SIT/UAT, sometimes it becomes mandatory to disable (bypass) all configured approval rules except for a few. One has to go in manually in Transaction console and check the status for each task.

An easy way to run the following SQL query and check the tasks for which approvals are yet not Bypassed:

      ,DECODE(HAAO.APPROVAL_DISABLED,'true','Bypassed','false','Enabled') "Enabled Status"
BIP – Query to extract DOR attachment name
select papf.person_number 
      ,fdt.dm_version_number document_id
      ,fdt.dm_document_id UCM_file
 from fnd_attached_documents fad, hr_documents_of_record hdor, fnd_documents_tl fdt
   ,per_all_people_f papf
   ,hr_document_types_tl hdtt
  and hdor.documents_of_record_id = fad.PK1_VALUE
  and fad.document_id = fdt.document_id
  and fdt.language = 'US'
  and hdor.person_id = papf.person_id
  and TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date AND papf.effective_end_date
  and hdor.document_type_id = hdtt.document_type_id
  and hdtt.language = 'US'
  and hdtt.DOCUMENT_TYPE = 'Test Doc'
BIP – Queries related to Bank, Bank Branches and External Bank accounts

Query for bank details:

select * from ce_banks_v

Query for bank branch details:

select * from ce_bank_branches_v
select cbbv.bank_name
      ,TO_CHAR(cbbv.start_date,'YYYY/MM/DD') branch_start_date
      ,TO_CHAR(cbbv.end_date,'YYYY/MM/DD') branch_end_date
  from ce_bank_branches_v cbbv

Query to extract Internal bank accounts:

select * from ce_bank_accounts

Query to extract External bank accounts:

select * from iby_ext_bank_accounts
BIP – Query to extract Disability Org Details

Use below query to extract disability org details from Fusion HCM:

SELECT disability_org_name
      ,TO_CHAR(haouf.effective_start_date,'RRRR/MM/DD') disability_org_start_date
      ,TO_CHAR(haouf.effective_end_date,'RRRR/MM/DD') disability_org_end_date
  FROM hr_org_unit_classifications_f houcf
     , hr_all_organization_units_f haouf
     , hr_organization_units_f_tl houft
 WHERE houcf.organization_id = haouf.organization_id
   AND houft.organization_id = haouf.organization_id
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN houcf.effective_start_date AND houcf.effective_end_date
   AND TRUNC(SYSDATE) BETWEEN haouf.effective_start_date AND haouf.effective_end_date
   AND haouf.effective_start_date BETWEEN houft.effective_start_date AND houft.effective_end_date
   AND houft.language = USERENV('LANG')
   AND houcf.category_code = 'HCM_DISABILITY_ORGANIZATION'