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Configuration – Hiding Print Me under Settings and Actions

Settings and Actions under user name provides a lot of options. Sometimes, the users request to remove unwanted options from this list:

These options can be removed from this list by activating a sandbox and adding tool – “Page Template Composer”:

Once you activate the Sandbox, click on Edit Global Page Template option under “Settings and Actions” and click on Global Page Template:

Click on the option you want to hide (Print Me) in this case:

Click on Settings and uncheck the visible checkbox:

Once the changes are done and you are happy with the changes, publish the sandbox.

Reports (BIP) – Query to extract Manage Person Name Styles

Manage Person Name Styles is a task that can be used to configure additional Name attributes for a country if required.

Also, a name component can be made required as per requirement.

In multi country implementations, it is required to know the setup for technical developers as it is hard to check the setup for each country from the UI. In such cases, below SQL can be used to extract the information from backend tables:

SELECT pnsv.legislation_code
       PER_NAME_STYLES_VL pnsv
WHERE pensv.name_style_id = pnsv.name_style_id
Reports (BIP) – Implementing Digital Signature in PDF BIP reports

Oracle Fusion reports and analytics provides the capability of implementing digital signatures with in BIP. However there are some limitations:

  • Only one digital signature can be used across all reports.
  • For a report with multiple templates, the same signature will be applicable for all the templates.
  • Digital signature can be tested only using the BIP scheduler.

Follow the below steps to implement digital signatures:

  1. Get your pfx file (digital signature file). Fusion currently supports pfx and p12 extensions only.
  2. Login to reports and analytics using below url:

3. Navigate to Administration -> System Maintenance -> Upload Center

4. Choose the signature file under Upload File and choose the File Type as ‘Digital Signature’ and click on ‘Upload’ button:

5. Click on Return and Navigate to Security Center -> Digital Signature

Choose the *Digital ID File and provide the value * Password and choose the roles required and click on Apply button:

6. Go to the report properties -> Formatting and choose the value ‘True’ for Enable Digital Signature attribute. Choose the other values as required:

7. Click ‘Ok’ and save the changes.

8. Schedule the report to test the digital signature:

9. Open the received output and verify the digital signature: